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15 February 2017

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Review ParnDhevi Riverside Resort & Spa Nakhon Pathom

Situated quite far from Bangkok city. It is located in Nakhon Pathom district. There is an excellent resort spa here in the district known as Parn Dhevi. Know what? ParnDhevi Riverside Resort Spa offers a unique vacation experience that one may not get elsewhere. The resort spa by the river bank is very unique.

ParnDhevi Riverside Resort & Spa is located in a fertile garden nearby River Nakornchaisri (or called Thagene River) from the river flow of Ampor Sampran river, Nakhon Pathom. It is only 30 minutes of driving away from Bangkok city (via Pinklao bridge). In ParnDhevi, one would be able to release stress of the daily lives. The nature and natives lifestyles of the society living by the Nakornchaisri river would charmed the visitors.

ParnDhevi Riverside Resort & Spa

Each one of the 15 Villas here is designed with the Thai Lanna style. It is decorated and designed using unique wood furniture with surrounding fertile tropical garden. The garden is connected with a wood bridge for walks directly towards man made path to the rooms.

There are two room options here namely Lanna Suite and Lanna Villa. Lanna Suite is definitely more expensinve than Lanna Villa.

Even the name is ParnDhevi. It is said that the objective of the resort is to treat the hotel guests with an experience of a 'Dhevi' (V.I.P.). Because of this, everything prepared here are based on the best quality for all hotel guests. This includes the natural stays, meals in restaurant by the river and also a spa service.

Unfortunately, when Travelibur visited the place, the spa service was closed as it was coincidental with the Chinese New Year holidays.

Once enter the bridge to the rooms, one would feel like in a real garden. Wah!!! That is all Travelibur could say. Mesmerising! Each of the bridge connects the door to each rooms. The vision of the wood bridge definitely shows the natural life of the society of the Thai village.

ParnDhevi Riverside Resort Spa Nakhon Pathom

The room in Lanna Villa has 2 single and one queen size bed. It can be said that the room is suitable for two person. 3-4 persons are quite alright but may requires extra mattress or bed sheets :).
Personally, the resort concept in ParnDhevi is definitely a different one. The lines of wood furnitures, high rising rooftop and deemed lighting brings the resort closer to the nature. It is an interesting location for honeymoons.

The weird part is, the bathroom of the ParnDhevi Riverside is located outside the room. One would need to open up a door and enter another door. But the interesting part is it has a large bathtub and the bathroom is quite spacious. If one is easily scared, this would actually gives a goosebumps for a while :).

Oh yes, there is a WiFi and TV in the room. One who enjoys movie or surfing the internet would not get bored.

Overall, Travelibur would give a 4 Stars for the resort in ParnDhevi Riverside Resort Spa of Nakhon Pathom. Its authenticity, service, good food menu (although it offers only vegetarian food based), quality and uniqueness entitled an appraise. There is not much resort like this and this resort is among the rare resort that one should visit in Nakhon Pathom.
Thank you to Tourism Authority of Thailand who introduced the resort to Travelibur. If one has the chance, this is the resort one should visit.

More information is available at the following website :