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02 December 2016

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10 Travel Tips for Beginner Traveller

There are 10 travel tips for beginner traveller whether one decided to travel either domestic or outside the country. This travel tips are among the best tips for one to be concern of either planning for an adventure, simple travel or travel around the world. This travel tips are actually tips that are practised by many travellers for their ease and the journey they are going to encounter.

10 Travel Tips for Beginner Traveller

10 Travel Tips for Beginner Traveller

1. Plan the schedule upfront and list down to-do things

It is best to prepare own itinery to ease the journey even if one travels alone or with friends and does not involves travel agent. List down to-do things, necessary items and other informations.

2. If one plans to have an adventure domestically that does not involve a long journey, why not car pool? It is easier and saves a lot. If one wishes to have an adventure outside the country, sharing of hotel rooms, car rentals and others would definitely saves a lot.

3. Fully Charged the Gadgets
For a traveller, among necessary things to bring along are gadgets like smartphone, camera, tablet, powerbank and many more. One should ensure that it is all fully charged as one would never know what will happen for the next 5 to 10 hours once the journey started. Do not let all your gadgets out of battery at once.

4. Emergency Contact Number
Prepare a small card and write clear details of one's address, emergency contact number and email address on bag tag or bags to ease any third party who found lost things. The emergency contact number is also important should anything happen as the third party could contact those who can help.

 5. There are many countries to visit having unexpected weather even with a weather forecast. For example, Taiwan that has frequent rain and drizzling. Due to this, check upfront and prepare raincoats or umbrella prior visiting Taiwan.

6. Bring Important Things only
If one is ready to travel or have an adventure, ensure to bring necessary things only. Excessive things like ladies make ups, jewelleries, heavy shoes, extra clothes and others are not required. These will only make one's bag heavy and precious things like gold could get lost or pose dangerous risk to one.

 7. Prepare travel budget
If one is not filthy rich, budget is indeed a main issue. Many travel locations one could save alot if one look hard enough and plan the budget vacation well. There is no need to spend the night in a 5 star hotel if one could get a comfortable 3 star hotel or cheap homestay but with excellent service. One could actually save up to 50%. For instance, Korea and Japan has cheap homestays or guesthouse for rentals as compared to expensive regular hotels.

8. Get Enough Rest Before Travel
One should get enough rest before starting a travel. This is important especially if driving a car or caravan. Sufficient rest shall ensure that one is feeling fresh and would enjoy the adventure happily.

 9. Bring Along Related Map
If one is travelling overseas, prepare a map for reference. Google Maps is the easiest map as a guide. Ensure to have the appropriate internet data plan. If not, use a regular map. This will helps alot.

10. Be Happy with the Adventure
An adventure or travel means one would be happy with the future trip. If possible, one should only think of fun when travelling. Should one encounter little problem, forget about it for a while and enjoy the trip and travel. Insyaallah one would encounter the best vacation and adventure experience.

That is the 10 Travel Tips for Beginner Traveller which Travelibur feels each traveller should follow for either domestic or international trips. Ensure that there is thorough planning upfront as this would benefit one to enjoy the adventure either with friends or family.