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15 May 2016

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Looking For Cheap Travel to Japan?

Japan has a lot of interesting places for one to visit, all the time throughout the year. Not only for sight seeing, but also for the culture and cleanliness that is generally known all over the world. Many would thought that travelling to Japan is expensive, but Travelibur would like to share several ways on how to travel cheap to Japan.

Be it from accommodation or transportation to food in Japan, the price are generally expensive and almost twice the price in Malaysia. Even that, if one would want to save and travel cheap to Japan, there are several ways that one could use.

Choose to Travel Off Peak Season

In the opinion of Travelibur, among off peak seasons in Japan for one to visit are around the month of January, February, March, May, June, July, September and October. The most attractive month is April which is thought as the best time to visit Japan because of the beautiful scenary of the autumn season. The month of April is also the month when everyone in Japan goes back to school and work. The month of November and December are also the attraction to those who wanted to enjoy snow in Japan. The price during off peak season is definitely much cheaper.

Looking For Cheap Travel to Japan?

Purchase Weekly Japan JR Rail Pass

If one wish to travel from Tokyo to Osaka, Osaka to Fukuoka, or to all main cities in Japan using Shinkansen, 7 or 14 or 21 days package of JR Rail Pass are the best options. The price for JR Rail Pass in RM are RM1,025 for 7 days, RM1,640 for 14 days and RM2,110 for 21 days pass.

Seems like expensive, but actually if one travel to a destination like Osaka to Tokyo, one way travel using Shinkansen is around RM300++. So, with JR Rail Pass, one can travel around Japan (within the related network) with a relatively cheap price.

If Shinkansen is not the option, one could also choose the LRT like in Tokyo. LRT network in Japan is actually quite simple and one could understand it easily if early research is done.

As an alternative, if one only wants to explore small cities, one could cycle around using a bicycle while enjoying the scenary. In small cities, the rent for a bicycle is only 200 Yen per day.

Purchase Drinking Water and Onigiri from the Shopping Mall

The price of drinking water in Japan is about the same in Malaysia. It is advisable to purchase mineral waters and drink a lot of water everyday. For easy food intake, get Onigiri, Japanese Clod Bread that is easily available at the 7-Eleven store. Choose Salmon Fish, Egg and Tuna menu. InsyaAllah it is Halal.

Locate Interesting Tourist Attraction 

If one is of no interest for games, theme park visit is not a must. This is because normally in theme parks, hours are spent only for queues. Isn't this a loss? Get a comfortable shoes and explore roads in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka or Sapporo on foot. One will be excited and surprised to witness many interesting things that one have never even seen before.

If in Tokyo, these are the list of tourist attractions to visit:
Imperial Castle, Kyoto
Sensoji Temple Asakusa
Shibuya Street, Tokyo
Meiji Jingu
Holy Place Shinto
Observation Deck, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Eat Okonomiyaki, Onigiri and Kebab

Japanese dish like Okonomiyaki (known as 'Japanese Pizza') or ramen in the traditional Japanese environment is sometimes sold at a cheap price. For Muslim, Okonomiyaki is a Japanese pizza made of egg and vegetables, which is halal. It is even better because it is cheaper than the normal menu. It tastes like Takoyaki, but in a flat form.

Onigiri is a clod rice with salmon, egg and tuna fillings. With the price around RM3, it is worth for one to try and it can be eaten all day. On the other hand, Kebab are available around Ueno, Shinjuku and Akihabara with the price ranging around 500 Yen.

Stay at Capsule Hotel

There are most Capsule Hotels in Japan. It is like a budget travel hostel but the bedrooms are made into the form of a capsule. The toilets and living room are shared and the rest areas are cosy. Generally the Capsule Hotel are cheaper than usual accommodation and is an example of a fascination in Japan cities.

So, why wait? To those searching for a cheap package to Japan, try the mentioned methods. There are probably many other interesting tips on how to travel cheap to Japan from other bloggers.