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05 December 2014

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Souvenirs Heaven At Asakusa Street Tokyo

The first place we stopped shopping is in asakusa. It is divided into two, namely Asakusa Kannon Temple and Asakusa Shopping Street.

This area is famous for its Kannon Temple, one of the buildings of the original Temple in Asakusa area is. When dah lama, he made a commercial center and place the building in stalls throughout the region to meet the demands of tourists visiting the Temple. As he came to the temple, as can shopping.

There are a lot of things can be shopping here as gifts, keychain, food, clothes kimono, toys, samurai swords, t-shirts and more.

Once we arrived in Asakusa, we continue to find a store that sells Set Suit Jacket and Pants. Beautiful design and material is superb. Price is only RM300. Kuala Lumpur mark if one set is RM500 -RM1,000. Many beautiful design.

Asakusa area is spacious ni jugak, filled with stalls and eateries. Many types that we can find here. Here we can compare the area with Masjid India area in KL. Because there is no mark Masjid India area of worship and shopping area's, this same kind of Asakusa. The difference booth equipment, more coordinated.

These include mandatory layover location if you are traveling to Tokyo. Location Asakusa is appropriate for you to buy souvenirs because the price is quite cheap and affordable.

This location is also pleased access either by car, taxi, bus or subway train.