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23 December 2014

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Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train Experience

If you had a chance to visit Japan, please do try Japanese Bullet Train called Shinkansen. You can choose either to take a Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka or Osaka tu Fukuoka. If you want more thrill, take Shinkansen from Tokyo to Fukuoka and it will take only 5 hours journey.

It's a superb experience to enjoy train ride while you can see beautiful scenery of Japan from the bullet train.

What's inside Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train?
When you step into Shinkansen Bullet Train, you can see a normal view of usual train. The different is, it's faster than normal train. 

They had smoking room, clean toilet, sink, public phone and also waitress who sell drinks and junk food inside the Shinkansen.

It's a great experience if you can ride Shinkansen. Take your time, grab a chance to experince Japanese Bullet Train, Shinkansen.

What Inside Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train