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08 December 2014

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Old Tait & Co. Merchant House Taiwan : History Of Merchant House In Tainan

Old Tait & Co. Merchant House is an old building that you must stop by when visiting Tainan, Taiwan. The building is located close by Anping Tree House and Old Fort Anping in Tainan. The three storied building which is closely related to Taiwan.

From outside the building, the old merchant's house as usual and did not see much difference with the old buildings in Taiwan. But in the old building 'merchant' This saved a lot of useful information about the history of Taiwan.

The Tait and Co Merchat House is an old merchant house is located right next to the main house, Anping Tree House, Tainan. The building was built in 1867 and has served in various functions during this time including a museum of early Taiwan and its relationship with the Netherlands.

When the Dutch first open trading shop in 1867, Tait & Co. Merchant House dealing with transactions in buying and selling tea, camphor and opium. Yes, opium (drug) and they at that time was a drug dealer who by way of their legal at the time.

Their business has grown rapidly, until the arrival of the Japanese in 1895. At that time, Japan made to control the opium trade and camphor, and only allow the trade only. Therefore, business profits Tait & Co. kemilangan time dwindling and they are increasingly dim.

Then in 1911 all foreign traders ordered out of Taiwan and the buildings Tait & Co. which has been converted into a salt. Finally, in 1979, it was converted into a museum to this day.

In this old merchant buildings, many share the early history of the Dutch arrival to Taiwan and the history of their relationship with the people of Taiwan. Here also you will see and probably will open the eyes of faith in the country's history Taiwan when you found out that the possibility of the original inhabitants of Taiwan are those that come from the island of Borneo.

It is an interesting and nice to have a look when visiting Tait & Co. Merchant House Tainan, Taiwan.

Old Tait & Co. Merchant House Map