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11 December 2014

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Langkawi Best Spa : Ayer Hangat Spa Village

Ayer Hangat Spa Village is the best spa in Langkawi. For those of you who want time to freshen up and relax with a natural jacuzzi, warm Ayer Hangat Spa Village is the ideal location.

The concept of warm Ayer Spa Village Resort is to entertain guests with traditional healing and beauty rituals Malay people, Ayer Hangat Spa Village is famous for its warm reflexology center, garden herbs and hot salinesprings already commonly used by locals as a natural remedy for skin diseases and digestion.

Hot Ayer Spa Village Resort has a comfortable reception rooms and three traditional treatment. Here are a few large Jacuzzi wells and is suitable for your relaxing time. Jacuzzi rooms are segregated between men and women, except for one special room spouses.

Custom floor of a one-way ceiling windows provide ample privacy allowing guests to enjoy the tranquility during treatment along the river mural hand-carved stone depicting the origins of the myth springs are unique.

Vicinity of Ayer Hangat Spa Village indeed have beautiful landscapes and refreshing. Before or after treatments, you can relax relaxing around the garden for a breath of fresh air and healthy aroma of warm Ayer Hangat Spa Village.

Treatment here has a range of beauty treatments to relax the traditional concept of body scrub with aromatherapy massages to facials and nail services until a thorough treatment.

Most of us know, many residents of the island has a deep knowledge of traditional medicinal plants, midwives and traditional healers. How their treatment has been proven many times after a successful cure some illnesses related to the nervous and have a track record of successfully treat a variety of conditions, helping women conceive and help during difficult times difficult pregnancy, postnatal treatment.

When it comes to women, one of which is the treatment of choice is Bertunku, old Malay treatment with hot piece of iron or stone wrapped in freshly harvested medicinal plant aims to release trapped air in the body for smooth blood circulation.

Special Package information:
Bertunku, Boros, tonic herbs and oils are available for retail
Price Range:
1 hour: Sort RM 100
3 hours: Massage Spa Package RM 330

For best Spa in Langkawi package, you can contact the Ayer Hangat Spa Village

Mukim Ayer Hangat
Tel: +604 959 1357, +6 019 577 4501 (Siti), +6019 553 6907 (Bob)
Hours of Operation: 11.00 am every day - 8.00 pm

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