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05 December 2014

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Doppio8 Cafe : Fresh Brew And Nice Coffee

First experience traveling to Chiang Mai, we were told that here, drinking coffee is more famous after many cafe or coffee shop is open around the various brands of Chiang Mai city.

Among the most famous coffee in Chiang Mai is located at Doppio Ristr8to Central Festival Mall. Coffee outlet is located on the 1st floor and facing the KFC outlet.

Doppio renowned expertise in roasted coffee and already has branches in Japan, San Francisco and also Australia. If you want to know, Doppio is one brand that has several times won the award in the 'Coffee Art' at the international level.

Tasty coffee in Chiang Mai Doppio does have a lot of menus you can choose from coffee latte, cappuccino, americano and more. You can customize this Doppio Tasty coffee drinks and your choice of either cold or hot.

We tried Coffee Latte and Cappuccino. Indeed Cafe Doppio mark this dish is very interesting with art created using foam coffee. Sigh necessarily the taste is delicious ,,,

If you are to Chiang Mai, can stop at Central Festival and try the coffee menu at Doppio this Ristr8to. Indeed iPod Doppio Coffee In Chiang Mai.