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08 December 2014

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Anping Old Fort Tainan : Free Zelandia History Of Dutch In Taiwan

Another Dutch history remains available in Tainan, Taiwan Anping Old Fort is located in Tainan. It is the remains of a Dutch fort during their arrival in Tainan in 1624.

Dutch built their first fort in Anping, Taiwan, originally called "Fort Zeelandia". But now, the fort is now known as Old Fort Anping. Formerly, this fort was the administrative center of the Dutch regime and their trade hub in Taiwan. The building was originally built in the fortress square inner and outer walls rectangles.

Around the year 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate the village Guoxingye when Cheng Cheng-Kung has successfully drove the Dutch out of Taiwan. Therefore, Fort Zeelandia also known as the "King of Fort" or "Taiwan Fort" and now called Anping Fort.

In the regime of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, Taiwan has been incorporated into the empire that the political center has moved to Tainan City, causing deterioration of the Fort. Brick red from Fort which was taken for the construction of Fort timeless.

History during the Japanese occupation, Dutch style buildings in the inner castle was completely destroyed. Platform step-square red brick house was built with western style on the platform, which serves as a dormitory for Customs officers, where the memorial hall is now located. It is named after the Anping Fort Recovery Taiwan, and has been registered as a historical replica of the first grade and become an attraction for tourists.

Balance south wall more than 70 meters long outside the fort with red bricks worn out, accompanied by the old banyan roots, chanting their adventures. The fort is a very historic replicas over three hundred years.

It is also an attractive location for dikungjungi as it is closely related to the historical relationship between the Netherlands and Taiwan as well as their activities during their stay in Taiwan. This is a must visit and you will feel the presence of the Dutch in Taiwan if you come to Anping Old Fort.

Anping Old Fort Tainan location