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18 November 2014

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Taiwan Cycling Festival 2014 At Sun Moon Lake

Taiwan Cycling Festival 2014 was held at Sun Moon Lake, Nantou Taichung area starting from 8 November 2014 until 16 November 2014. The Festival is organized by the cooperation of Taiwan Tourism Event, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration and the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

This year, 2014 Taiwan Cycling Festival enters its 4th year, the greater the organizing. Attractions for Taiwan Cycling Festival is not dahaja of the country, but received from abroad including Japan, Korea and some other countries nearby.

The organization of Taiwan Cycling Festival is the promotion of measures to introduce Taiwan Taiwan as an attractive tourist destination in Asia cycling.

In major festivals such as Taiwan Cycling Festival, there are many other side activities organized by the organizers. But the main event is a Formosan 900, Sun Moon Lake Come! Paikeday and Taiwan also KOM Challenge.

During the festival in Taiwan Cycling Festival 2014, among other activities that could MrJocko jenguk is selling bicycles and bicycle accessories, bicycles Various performances Nostalgia, Bicycles Children Bike Stunt performances and also in the compound of the main stage.

Sun Moon Lake is indeed famous for the location of cycling as a recreational activity that is famous in Taiwan. No wonder that the track cycling in the Sun Moon Lake is a lake on the edge of the track cycling world famous.

Additional info, in Sun Moon Lake, there are 6km trek cycling along the banks of the lake. But, for those of you who may want a challenge, you can cycle through the typical route of 30km trek around the Sun Moon Lake.

This year is estimated more than 10,000 people participated in the 2014 Taiwan Cycling Festival in Sun Moon Lake. Every weekend, this area is always filled with cyclists and cycling in the famous lakes in Taiwan this.

If you are planning to go to Sun Moon Lake, you can plan to stay around Sun Moon Lake in either the hotel, homestay or a capsule hotel. There are many options for you to choose. In addition, you can rent a bike here with NTD100 price for every one hour to experience cycling in Sun Moon Lake Nantou.

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