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21 May 2014

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Spice Road International Food & Bar Shinjuku i-Land Patio : Halal Restaurant

Tokyo is indeed a great city and the location of choice for many tourists. Although the city, between cities that have a high cost of living, there are still many who want to visit Tokyo because it has many tourist attractions and the city's atmosphere is different and unique.

Among the obstacles to Muslim tourists, is to get halal food in Tokyo. Actually, in many locations Tokyo Halal food menu. It just may not be well-known and rarely the focus because not a lot of info about halal food in Tokyo.

Among the restaurants that provide halal menu in Tokyo is the Spice Road, International Food and Bar in Shinjuku. It is located adjacent to the city's unique Shinjuku, Tokyo. The Spice Road there are a few restaurants that provide halal cuisine menu from Lebanon, Turkey and India.

When we went there, we had the opportunity to try a taste of Indian Muslims in the Spice Road. The main menu is spicy fried chicken and beef. Other side menu including chickpeas and dhal vadai.

When the day did not meet food like curry in Tokyo, undoubtedly Muslim Indian cuisine menu will be delicious. Indeed great, all the partners are satisfied with our dinner menu dishes at Spice Road, this Shinjuku. Maklumla, Japanese food menu and it is usually a little less flavor. When touched curry chicken, of course it's very tempting to lick your fingers.

Halal Food Tokyo Japan

For those of you who find the location of the Spice Road Shinjuku, you can follow this address:
Spice Road International Food and Bar
I-Land Tower
B1 Patio
6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku
Tel: (03) 3343 3783

Restaurant Type: Indian Muslim

Hours of Operation: Open seven days a week from 11am - 10pm

Getting There: 10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Train Station or 5 minutes walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Station Train Station