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12 January 2014

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Sun Moon Lake Taiwan : A Famous Lake

One of the pride of the people in Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake is very unique and has its own history. This lake is more striking barbanding other holiday destinations in Taiwan and the choice of young and old in Taiwan.

Sun Moon Lake, located in the heart of Taiwan, with an altitude of 748 meters above sea level, is the only large natural lake in Taiwan. The southern part of the island is shaped like a new moon, and the northern part is shaped like the sun; hence the name Sun Moon Lake.

Scenic resources
Places the most famous in the entire Sun Moon Lake is Itashao, Lalu Island, Xuanzang Temple, Ci-en Pagoda, and Wenwu Temple and so on. Natural forest bordering the road this is the best place for birdwatching. There are many birds that live in the mid-height, as Fulvetta Grey-cheeked, Grap-throated Minivet, Formosan Yuhina, Gray Tree Pie, bamboo Partridge, Chinese Bulbul, Muller's Barbet, and the Black Bulbul.

Colony of Black-crowned Night Herons and garzettas Egretta, and birds such as kingfishers are common and Green-winged Teal can be seen in the water Dazhuhu reservation, located in the vicinity of the sluice. In addition to birds, fish, insects and wild vegetables grow in this region as well. These are all natural resources in the region of Sun Moon Lake.

The Shao Clan is the earliest tribes who lived in Sun Moon Lake region. Harvest Festival, Sowing Festival and their special handicraft fair every year, and also the articles they have helped to maintain a particular cultural region Sun Moon Lake.

Certainly if you want to plan a vacation to Taiwan, take some time and look for opportunities to get out and enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake is while you still have a chance. I am sure, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this lake.