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05 January 2014

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Daisy Flower In Tokyo, Japan

This is a Daisy flowers blooming at one of the local restaurant on our way to Gotemba Premium Outlet, Japan. Its a nice view since we in Malaysia doesn't have a lot of daisy flowers blooming in our yard or lake garden. 

Daisy is a sunlike flower appearance which has ray flowers (commonly called petals) surround a golden center of tiny disk flowers, an arrangement typical of the composite family. 

Daisy is the second largest family of flowering plants, in terms of number of species. Its plants make up nearly ten percent of all flowering plants on earth, and its arguable as to wether it or the orchid family holds more genera and species. 

Some daisies open their petals in the morning when the sun comes up and close them at night when the sun is down (that is why daisies are sometimes called "day's eye"). 

Daisy flowers include not only the blooms most people are familiar with, but also popular health herbs such as echinacea and arnica, and many edible plants such as artichokes and endive.

If possible at a later date, if we meet again with daisy flowers and plants as large as this, we will take pictures with a lot of it as a souvenir.

While this may seem small daisy flowers and simple, but when it is in many areas, it does look pretty, white and fresh, cool air as fresh as when in Tokyo, Japan.

Would you like daisies?